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Our mission is to provide you with well-made outdoor furniture that offers supreme comfort, versatility and long-lasting enjoyment. That is why we created the Carolina Easy Chair.

Quality and comfort are our top priorities. Our wood furniture is handcrafted from top-grade, sustainably harvested southern yellow pine with a satin-smooth finish, and is assembled with solid 18/2 stainless steel hardware. Each piece begins with raw lumber that is milled, cut and sanded then assembled into our comfortable chairs and accessories. Our cushions are handmade from quality, outdoor-ready materials. 

Our unique furniture design came about when we couldn't find a comfortable outdoor wood chair. We found that most chairs force you to sit at one angle in one set position that often is uncomfortable and makes it difficult to get in and out. So company owner, designer and furniture builder John set to designing a chair that would fix these problems. John desired a chair that conformed to each person's sitting style, that allowed more movement and seating versatility and that was easy to get in and out of. Plus he wanted it to fold to make storage more convenient. The result is the wonderfully comfortable and versatile Carolina Easy Chair!

When we started our small business, we knew we wanted as much as possible to maintain a "green" footprint on the environment. This is why we use locally grown, sustainably harvested wood and why our furniture is left unfinished to weather naturally to a soft silver (an eco-friendly clear acrylic finish is now available if you desire; call for information).

Give our chairs a try! We know you too will find them to be some of the most comfortable outdoor chairs you have ever experienced!

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